Terms of Service and Privacy

1. Content of tourist offer

Tourist agency Lamado, Alessandra Manzonia 2, 51000 Rijeka (hereinafter agency) offers mediation services of accommodation between guest and service provider ( the owner) and provides accommodation according to information available on the official web site of agency www.lamado.eu . The accommodation is provided on the basis of the advertisement that contains description, pictures and dates of confirmed reservation, except in the case of exceptional circumstances (natural disaster, hunger, death of the service provider or his family, wars).

2. Booking and payment

Inquiries and booking of accommodation can be done on the website in form or by email. Inquires can be sent to any number of unites. For confirmation of booking it is necessary that gust pays advance (private accommodation) or the total amount (hotel accommodation) in certain time limit. After payment is necessary to send  the confirmation of payment and agency will send guest a Voucher as a confirmation paper of the reservation. The rest of the amount guest is obligated to pay in cash upon arrival to the owner of private accommodation. The guest is familiar with method of payment during booking process and with confirmation of reservation he confirms the method.

3. Sojourn tax

According to the Croatian Law in Republic of Croatia, guest is obligated to pay the Sojourn tax upon arrival to accommodation. Price is 7,00 HRK (1,00 €) per person and per night. Guest under the age of 12 are exempt from paying, guest from the age of 12 to 18 years have a 50 % discount.

4. Prices of tourist offer

The prices of tourist offer are published in each advertisement add of accommodation  in Euros. The price includes the basic service of accommodation, bed linens and towels, electricity and water consumption, cooking and eating utensils (apartments), cleaning kit. In all listings is description of all services which are not in the price and guest need to pay extra for them upon arrival. The Agency reserves all the right to change the prices. For guests who have already paid the advance for the reservation, the agency guarantees the price of accommodation. If the price changes before the deposit payment agency is obligated to immediately inform the guest and send them a new invoice. The price listed on the booking confirmation (Voucher) refers for pre arranged number of persons. If upon arrival the number of person are not in order with accommodation capacity, the service provider has the right to refuse reservation or  he can accept extra guests and offer them other solutions (extra bed). The extra bed will be charged extra. With paying process and confirmation of reservation, guest confirms description and number of beds.

5. Agency’s right to changes and cancellation

The agency can change or cancel a reservation in ace of circumstances referred to above in point 1. Already booked accommodation can be replaced with prior notification to the guest and the accommodation of the same category and price. If a replacement is not available, the agency reserves the right to cancel the reservation upon prior customer notification before the date of arrival, and guarantees a full refund of the amount paid.
6. Guest’s right to changes and cancellation

If guest wants to cancel the reservation or make a change, he needs to do that in written form by email or standard mail. In case of cancellation or no-show, the agency will retain the full amount of the advance. Non-refundable deposit. Hotel cancellation policy depends on the policy of each hotel individually on which the guest will be previously informed.

7. Agency’s and service provider’s obligations

The Agency is obligated to take care of tourist services and the selection of the service provider, the interests and rights of the customer and the service provider. The service provider is obligated to provide the booked service. The agency and the service provider will not be responsible in case of changes or default services caused their exceptional circumstances and by force majeure.

8. Luggage

The agency is not responsible for dmagae luggage or stolen luggage in accommodation unit. For lost or stolen luggage guest is obligate to inform service provider (host) and local police department.

9. Travel documents

Guest is obligate to possess valid identity documents. If during guest’s stay in the accommodation unit identity documents got lost or stolen, the guest are responsible for all cost of issuing new documents.

10. Protection of personal data

All guest’s personal information was given voluntarily and they are used exclusively in process of realization of tourist services. The agency agrees that all personal information of guest will be not use in other services.

11. Privacy policy

The agency is committed to protect the personal information which are provided by guest during the booking process or signing up for a newsletter list on website www.Lamado.eu. All personal information will not be used in other services except tourist services of the agency and will not be given to any other person, company or entity. Guest agrees that the agency can use personal information for sending special offers like newsletters. The agency is obligated to remove immediately all personal information’s of guest from database on his request.

12. Complaints

Every guest has the right to complain to the non-required services and on the day of the arrival. Guest can complain to service provider of tourist services and in agreement with him they need to find a peaceful solution to a mutual satisfaction. The agency is not responsible for condition of the accommodation property .The agency can offer to guest other alternatives but without refund of the advance.

13. Final provisions

Upon payment of the advance or total amount of reservation, the guest accepts the General Terms and Conditions.